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‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ provides two Mega Stones for Mewtwo


‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ provides two Mega Stones for Mewtwo

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Nintendo has ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ players with two Mewtwonite which can be activated through a code.

Many people wondered how they would get several of the Mega Stone that are not present for purchase in the Battle Tree (yes, that’s where they buy the Mega Stone in the last installments of pokémon) and the answer came from hands of Nintendo and it would be by code.

Today they have enabled the code M2DESCENT to get the two Mega Stone for Mewtwo. To redeem the code, before selecting your save file, enter the “Mystery Gift” and “Receive by Code” menu, once you have done this (and entered the code from the second menu) you will only have to wait for receive both mega stones and and you will be able to pick them up at any pokemon center.

Remember that this code only gives me the Mega Stone to mega evolution to Mewtwo, it does not give a Mewtwo. To have one you will have to transfer it from an old edition, (Pokemon X, Y, Rubí Omega, Alpha Sapphire, Yellow, Red or Blue) with The PokeBanco (or PokeTransfer in the case of the Yellow, Red and Blue versions). Follow the steps quickly to grab these megastones for the evolution of your Mewto.

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