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The New iPad Models Will Not See the Light Until the Second Half of 2017


The New iPad Models Will Not See the Light Until the Second Half of 2017

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Despite rumors that Apple has announced an event in March to unveil three new iPads, Apple’s latest supply chain leaks suggest that tablet upgrades will not reach consumers till the second half of the year.

Citing data collected from the Cupertino-based company’s supply chain, DigiTimes said on Thursday that the internal components of the new iPads are still in the planning phase. As a result, sending the new Apple tablets can in no case happen until the second half of this year 2017.

It should be noted that while DigiTimes is often well-informed about news events occurring in the supply chain, the publication has an uneven track record in terms of detailing specifications and timelines for future Apple products. For example, in 2014, many details were given about what was then rumored with great force: a 12-inch MacBook, but gave it a 15-month launch window. However, the device was finally launched in April 2015.

As for last Thursday’s rumor about the iPad, the latest information on the bare chain of supply suggests that the 10.5-inch iPad and the iPad Pro of 12.9 inches will have an Apple A10X integrated reinforced processor. It is unclear which processor is going to be incorporated into the 9.7-inch iPad as it is said to focus on the education sector in the same way that the eMac did originally and the MacBook Air is trying to do now.

The fabrication of the screen for the 9.7 iPad will be handled by Seoul Semiconductior, based in Korea, according to the latest information, thus moving away from the current supplier, Nichia. It is also revealed that another series of components that will integrate the device will be manufactured by “secondary suppliers”, without specifying which. Nor has there been published anything about what motive or motives are due to these changes, which seem to respond more to logistical reasons than to competitiveness.

The first rumors about a 10.5-inch iPad began to circulate last August, along with other debates centering on whether there will be a 10.9-inch model of the same thickness as the iPad Air. From an operational point of view, the size of 10.5 inches makes more sense than the 10.9 inches. If you keep the same ratio and density of pixels as your predecessors, the width of the 10.5 inches of the iPad has the same extent as the iPad mini. A change to a 10.5-inch screen would allow Apple to push its star model to a screen density of 326 pixels per inch, a version higher than the current 264 pixels per inch.

Finally, recent reports from the supply chain have also come to light suggesting that the iPad mini, which has not been updated since 2015, will receive an update. The small brother of the iPad family seems to be the most marginalized by now, but nevertheless, among users there is a real demand for this type of device. The range of the iPad brand, which new models arrive with new sizes each year, may be the cause of the lack of updates for the mini, which has been relegated to digital ostracism by Apple. With the arrival of the update to this model, many users, especially in the field of education, will see improved expectations.

The rumors do not cease and increase as they approach the dates in which Apple, as usual hold its events to introduce new products.

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