343 Industries starts ‘Halo 5’ tests for new deliveries

Halo5 testing

343 Industries continues to work hard to keep the status of ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ really fresh with ongoing updates and improvements that come with continuous feedback from the immense community they have.

In the update week in the blog of Halo, there are all the changes applied in the game, all the improvements that will be coming in the next few days and the news in the competitive and non-competitive community of the game.

The were talks that they have dropped one of the changes that will begin to take effect from March 9. It will be destined to study their implications in future deliveries of the FPS slope of the franchise.

We are specifically talking about the operation of the radar and the motion sensor that will act differently in the list of test game often enabled to test major changes in the multiplayer.

In short, the new motion sensor will detect only two actions, the fire of non-muted weapons and the activation of abilities like running, spartan cargo, etc

343 said,

“The motion sensor is a staple of Halo gameplay but has also been a source of some controversy, particularly amongst the more competitive multiplayer crowds. While some players argue that the motion sensor should be completely removed, others argue that due to the speed of the game, gameplay would become too chaotic and it’d be too difficult to track players and Spartan abilities. Instead of an either/or approach, the team has been doing some work to change the motion sensor’s functionality and now we’d love for players to help test it out and give us feedback!”

The test will last about a month and the studio will be attentive to players’ reactions to whether this change can remain in the present and future of Halo multiplayer.

343 will be reviewing the gameplay data, but if any player want to suggest anything or send any feedback, they can submit it on Halo 5’s forums. Players can also share their thoughts on multiplayer director Quinn DelHoyo’s Twitter account.


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