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5 Biggest Mistakes all IIT JEE Aspirants Must Avoid

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The number of students who appeared for IIT JEE in 2018 was above 11 lakhs. The number is expected to rise even further over the upcoming years. And, as a result of the ever-increasing difficulty and competition for the aspiring engineers applying for IITs and hence giving the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) in the process, silly mistakes and slight ignorance can cause a huge impact on the end result of the student’s examination. So, to save you some time and stress as well, we have compiled here a list of top 5 things and mistakes that all students appearing for JEE Main must clearly avoid. All of these are as follows.

Getting multiple reference books

A very common mistake done by most of the IIT JEE aspirants is that of getting way too many reference books. While the importance of a reference book is unmatched by any other material or source, getting many of the similar kind only builds up your anxiety and confusion. Moreover, this eventually leads to your time as well as money being wasted while hopping from one reference book to another.

Hence, one of the smart and economical strategies that could be followed is sharing the extra reference books with your study group and discussing them together. This way, more than just one person understands the same concept without wasting any additional time.

One should also keep in mind the importance of the NCERT books at the same time. While these usually tend to get lost in the hurricane of reference that there is, they can easily help you score more in JEE. Much advanced level books should only be consulted when in need to clarify a doubt or when you’re through with the basics. Therefore, all you need is one good theory book, one or two decent practice books and doing regular tests – that’s all it takes.

Omitting Difficult and Tricky Questions

If you find yourself omitting and skipping tough or tricky questions too frequently, it means that your preparation is done up to the mark and you’re supposed to work harder. This is a sign of weak preparation as almost everybody can solve the easy to do questions, but it is these tougher questions only that make or break your dream of clearing the IIT JEE. Hence, questions containing different logic and concepts need to be practiced more to improve your command in the exam syllabus.

Avoiding Class XI Syllabus

Having strengthened fundamentals is a must for every IIT JEE aspirant as no shortcut exists in the pathway to success. A great way to do so if by revising and remembering your 11th class syllabus as it comprises of all the basics and fundamentals which would be of crucial assistance during the IIT JEE.

Moreover, a lot of students get reckless after Class 10th board exams, and they don’t study in Class 11th assuming the syllabus is easy and they will score well nonetheless. You should be alert and let go if you had the same thoughts in your mind.

The level of Class 11th syllabus is high as compared to that of Class 10th and hence it should not be taken lightly since the syllabus of JEE Mains is more or less similar to what you study in Class 11th. Therefore, you should concentrate on the Class 11th syllabus right from the beginning with a conceptual clarity which is the key to crack any entrance test.

Since most of the questions asked in JEE are conceptual and application-based, if your concepts are not clear, you will not be able to properly apply them while solving problems. Do not try to find shortcuts to learn concepts. You should learn all of the concepts in depth, and then in this way, you can create your own shortcuts and better implement them.

You should not take Class XI syllabus lightly since the syllabus of JEE Main is more or less similar to what one studies in Class 11. You should not forget that almost 40 – 45% questions asked in JEE are from Class XI itself. Hence, try paying more attention towards chapters from the later-half in Class XI textbook. One way to revise Class XI efficiently is by starting 5 to 6 months prior to the JEE Mains exam and then doing at least one chapter a day from your Class XI books.

Missing out on questions with no negative marking

This can be a crucial and devastating mistake for any IIT JEE aspirant as students usually let go of some of these in a hurry to complete other questions. Keeping in mind that the worst case scenario from answering such a question wrong is just the missed opportunity of scoring more and no actual deduction. Hence, students should try to answer all of these questions even if it based on guesswork as some extra marks from such questions could increase your score considerably and make your dream of clearing IIT JEE to come true.

Leaving questions on the calculation stage

Most students read and revise just the theory for IIT JEE. In fact, they even mark a chapter as ‘Finished’ after reading it just once or twice. And to all those who do this – no matter how well you think you have understood the topic or chapter, it cannot be declared as ‘finished’ unless you are fast and effective in solving the numerical. If you want to clear JEE 2016, you should develop the skill and ability to solve questions as required during the actual examination.

Practical tips to select the right engineering branch.

It is quite difficult to believe but most JEE aspirants do not arrive at the correct answer in the estimated time because they make silly calculation mistakes such as doing addition or subtraction incorrectly. You may want to do such calculations on paper and not inside your mind. Hence, you should let go of the general mindset of postponing the completion of calculations and practice more and more to avoid such errors.


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