Features and performance of the Motorola Moto Z2 according to GeekBench

Moto Z2

Recently, the first official photo of Moto Z2 appeared on the Internet. It appeared in one of so many leaks around Motorola’s smartphones which will be presented imminently. Well, after the designs, now it seems to be the turn for the features and performance of the Motorola Moto Z2. However for this, GeekBench seems to have taken the lead, according to which, the Motorola Moto Z2 would include the almighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

For some time now and with more or less precision, GeekBench has become the gateway of all smartphones that are about to be presented, a tool through which all important details and features of the new mobiles are revealed. We have been able to verify this from time to time during the last years as activities that continue to betray the new smartphone. Not very long ago it was the supposed Google Pixel 2 with Taimer as its alias and now it seems to be the turn for Motorola Moto Z2.

The weight of Motorola Moto Z in the market

Although under the protection of Lenovo, the smartphones of Motorola that will see the light throughout this year have begun to acquire great expectation. Whether it’s the return of the Motorola brand or the good work done by the manufacturer where the product is concerned, the fact is that their phones have taken a leading role.

One of these mobiles is Moto G5, which during the last few weeks has made more important presence in the Network of the Motorola Moto Z2 family. It began when we found out about the first official images of the Motorola Moto Z2 Play, which in the end is the most accessible version, economically speaking. Then a few days ago it was Moto Z2 Force, the protagonist from a massive filtering of photos and specifications. Then now it seems to be the turn of Motorola Moto Z2, which is called to assault the segment of premium smartphones.

Moto Z2 Features and Performance at GeekBench

Motorola Moto Z2 features

Well, from the initial photo we could only see the frontal design of the mobile but now we have access to what could be the characteristics of the Motorola Moto Z2 along with the performance of it. The key is in the registry detected in the database of GeekBench, test in which the details and specifications of the mobile appeared. Some of these data corresponds to the performance in single-core and multi-thread tasks where the Moto Z2 seems to have scored 1930 and 6,207 points respectively. A performance score which at least according to the test seems to be on par with the most powerful premium smartphones at the moment such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

As for the features of the Motorola Moto Z2, GeekBench talks about a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM and operating system that reaches the Android 7.1.1 Nougat version.

The truth is that this test of Geekbench was registered at the end of January but so far its reference has not been associated with the Moto Z2. Therefore we must adhere to caution in this regard since the reference that appears in the test -XT1650- currently corresponds to the Motorola Moto Z Force. However, it is true that the specifications that appear have nothing to do with it, at least as far as the processor and Android version are concerned.


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