6 Tech Gadgets That Helps Solo Traveler To Enjoy Their Trip UnImaginable

The future is definitely getting a bright look with each passing day. In this process, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. are playing a great role. There is a myriad of gadgets and machines out there which are based on such technologies and definitely making people’s life easier by every bit.

If you are a globetrotter, even you have got a lot to look forward!

There are some such smart technology based gadgets out there for travelers which can make every holiday a fantastic one!

Do you want to know about them?

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  1. Connected Suitcase:

Connected SuitcaseThe suitcase is one of the most major things that you need for your caravan. Thanks to the IoT, you can avail such a suitcase nowadays which has a built-in GPS chip. With that, you will be able to track it from anywhere in the world. Hence, you don’t have to face a hustle of your luggage going missing anymore.

For example, Bluesmart sells one such excellent creation. With a smartphone app, you will be able to control this gadget for a longer period of time. Above that, chances of your phone getting suddenly switched off during the tracking are even negligible. It’s because the smart suitcase will contain a built-in power bank with the capacity to charge your phone up to six times. It’s one of the best gadget for those who loves to travel alone and forgot things easily.

In the past, it came with just the least feature of GPS which were finally upgraded into an app connectivity and other smart attributes.

  1. Smart Bikini (For Female ofcourse, LOL):

Smart Bikini

A trendy bikini is your bosom friend when it’s about a holiday in the blue waters.


However, it’s not easy to keep a track on when to apply a sunscreen while you are sitting in the Sun. You need to wear a smart bikini in such an instance. For example, the Neviano UV Connect smart bikini is one such which is made of a built-in UV sensor that can connect to an app present in your smartphone.

With this app, you will get a notification of how long you’ve been in the Sun and how much more time you can tolerate. Also, this app is perfect to let you send a message to your partner or friend that it’s time for sunscreen!

  1. Technology Friendly Umbrella:

Technology Friendly Umbrella

If going out for a holiday during the rainy season stops you because of the fear of getting wet suddenly, AI has gifted you with smart umbrellas now. With such an umbrella in your hand, you can get weather alerts on your phone.

Isn’t it totally exciting?

The smart umbrella namely Oombrella from Wezzoo will never let you go out without preparation again. This smart umbrella comes with a tiny capsule which remains attached to its handle.

It has four sensors to measure the temperature, humidity, air pressure, and sunlight. These sensors can connect with your phone via Bluetooth. Finally, you will get alerts in your smartphone if it is going to rain.

Also, this is not the end! If you leave your umbrella accidentally somewhere, it will send its last recognizable location to your phone.

  1. Connected SD Card:

Connected SD Card

You will definitely capture some awesome pictures when on a holiday.

Isn’t it?

So, transferring photos from one device to another seems to be quite common. While faffing around with memory cards, cameras, and laptops, you will like to spend a long time at the beach. You might also love to extend your visit to the museum.

Mobi has created a great way to do all these. With an SD card which comes with built-in Wifi that can connect to an app on your smart device, there comes a lot of luxury now. If you just check out the Eyefi Mobi SD card, you will figure out that it can function like an SDHC card.

It works on most of the cameras. So, dealing with your pictures will be easy for you. Additionally, the built-in WiFi feature of this SD card can even let this gadget work on other gadgets like laptops, tablets etc. So, wherever your images will appear clearly, you can use that media with this excellent connected SD card.

  1. The Digital Key for Opening Rooms:

Did you hear about the Hilton’s Digital key program?

Well, it can let you open doors elevators and other doors with the help of your smartphone. Once the room at your hotel is ready, you will be sent a notification. Finally, the digital key will start working via Bluetooth. You’ll don’t have to bear with any fiddling around for finding your keycard. Yes! Checking in to your hotel room after a tiring journey will be that easy with this digital key.

  1. Room Warmer:

Room Warmer

Suppose, you’ve gone on vacation and suddenly you come to know that snow has hit at home. You’ll be panicked! Right? Well, you don’t have to worry about returning back to burst pipes and frozen faucets anymore.

One of the best IoT solutions known as Nest mean can let you control the climate of your home. You might be in any part of the world, it is possible to do so. Hence, make sure that you are getting a toasty warm welcome by your home when you are back from a winter vacation.

Aren’t these smart travel gadgets really splendid? We are blessed to make use of these smart technologies in this era. Don’t wait anymore! Just choose to go for these gadgets now itself. You’ll certainly end up making all your upcoming holidays absolutely swift and easy.

If you think, We have missed any useful gadget then please let us know in a comment box and if you have any question, ask us and we will get back to you asap.


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