6,000 Players Banned in ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ For Cheating

pokemon sun and moon

The Pokémon Company ensures that they will continue chasing and banning those who are rely on banned activities by editing the save files.

We all hate people who cheat in online games. Usually they are people whose fun is to annoy the neighbor, or at least get things easily, without any effort. To make matters worse, many can cheat because they are not playing an original copy of the game, so they are also not supporting those who have dedicated time, resources and efforts to make it possible for us to play one or another game.

In the Pokémon universe we carry several generations, basically since there is the online, seeing cheats of all kinds and classes, cheaters who come to influence the opinion of a few who end up defending them by their absurd reason, because Nintendo and The Pokémon Company did not usually take drastic measures except on exceptional occasions.

However, this seems to be changing in the seventh generation of pocket monsters. In order to ensure a full online experience for users of ‘Pokémon Sol’ and ‘Pokémon Luna’, the Pokémon Company has announced that they are banning people whose activity is suspicious or irregular.

At present there are almost 6,000, more specifically 5,954, players from around the world sanctioned for performing certain actions online in any of the two installments just cited. The company has been able to identify that the cheaters had altered their save files, and therefore have been deprived of certain actions.

The banned persons will not be able to use the synchronization nor participate in global missions, qualifying combats or competitive battles. Instead, they will receive error code 090-0212, which will prevent them from accessing any of these functions.


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