A bug makes Mercy’s wings more striking in ‘Overwatch’

Mercy wing bug in overwatch

An Overwatch user has detected that the character of Mercy has been affected by a glitch that activates when initiating a greeting, but far from displeasing, the effect is liked by all the players.

Through their last update, the managers of Overwatch put back some of the changes made to Ana and Zenyatta, which for the moment had only been seen applied on the test server. However, the recent version of the game has also incorporated a flashy glitch that players have reported in the last hours.

The bugs are usually present in the vast majority of titles that come to the market, some games are much more populated than others, but always with some small mistake, which sometimes are fun or annoy us.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that we encounter some failure, small or large, given that the complexity of the games keeps increasing over the years, which increases the chances of something going wrong.

Although ‘Overwatch’ is a fairly polished title, it has some flaws, such as the Roadhogg hook that fortunately have already been solved in previous patches.

But the latest bug has been discovered in Mercy’s wings and luckily for all, it will not be harmful and may be quite a sight.

As we can see, this bug discovered by Rosilia on Reddit, makes Mercy’s wings wider, giving that striking effect.

As explained by several users in Reddit, to realize this bug we must maintain the space to fall and quickly release it and use the communication wheel to greet just before to keep it again. Although Blizzard should correct the glitch shortly, it should be noted that in no case affects the gameplay or the capabilities of the character.


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