A chess board with 3D printing for visually impaired people

3d chess

A group of young people from Argentina used the potential of 3D printing to create a chess designed for visually impaired people. The group that developed this 3D printed chess set are from the Tecnoteca cultural and educational center in Villa Maria, a town in Cordoba of Argentina province. This unique chess set has braille on its board and it is distributed in the Elizalde Institute for the blind in Argentina.

To develop this project, they used the free software Tinkercad and models taken from different platforms. To adapt the board designing, they used a model that took into account the needs and dynamics of a player with this type of disability.

As we see in the image, they have taken into account several details. For example, they have used unevenness in the print to highlight squares or squares of dark and light colors. In the borders, the numbers and letter are indicated including in Braille for the rows and the columns.

In addition, the pieces corresponding to each color can also be easily identified through touch, as they have been given a slightly different design. These pieces have a small socket so that it can be held in different boxes as you play.

The result has been astounding, and has been ceded to the Elizalde Institute to be used by children involved in the activities of that institution. This is not all, they are thinking of a new version of this board that could integrate, among other benefits, audio playback to record references and enhance the dynamics of the game.

Source : 3ders.org


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