A concept of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes to light with double camera


Just a week ago we introduced the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, but the market leaks does not stop. Today it has came to light, a new concept of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 showing us what would be the new Samsung high range for the second half of the year.

We remember that last year, Samsung decided to skip the nomenclature and bet on Note 7 instead of a Note 6 that never came into existence. That’s why today we speak this year of Note 8, following the same nomenclature of the S8 model so that people do not think that it is a model below in terms of specifications and time. Today we bring you one of the first news with this concept of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

A few weeks ago we talked about the first sketch filtered of Note 8 on the Internet, letting us see that could lead some lines of design quite similar to those we find today in the Galaxy S8. In this concept we saw that it also carried a design very similar to the current high range of Samsung, incorporating the hallmark of the Note, SPen.

In this concept of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 we found a double camera that was already rumored that could come out on the S8, until there were some prototypes with this dual camera module, but for some reasons was not implemented. The only differences we see with the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the subject of the dual camera and the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor would disappear on this new mobile, opting to put an integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen, which was also rumored for the S8.

Otherwise, we do not see much change. The S Pen would be present in the mobile as always in the Note, the front of the screen would be just as profitable as the new generation that Samsung presented last week, and the body would be made of glass. According to this concept, Note 8 would not have a design change, since the design presented by Samsung is the most innovative of the moment and you have to squeeze thoroughly. The only thing we see that would change was the details like the camera or the fingerprint sensor that the company failed to include in the S8 due to lack of time.


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