A device that can convert any text printed in Braille


Tactile is a device created by a group of MIT students that seeks to improve the quality of life of people with visual impairments.

The goal is to have freedom when choosing their reading, without relying on works that are already in Braille or resort to devices that are expensive.

The Tactile dynamic is simple, thanks to a built-in camera, it manages to scan the printed text and then automatically converts it to Braille. The user only has to support the device on the publication for the camera to take the photograph, as we see in the above image.

Thanks to the potential of optical character recognition software, it is ready for conversion. On the top of the device it has a special kind of keyboard that reproduces the text in Braille.

They have been working on this project for a little more than a year, going through different prototypes and counting on the support of different programs such as #MakeWhat’sNext from Microsoft.

While the progress has been significant, many minute details still remains to be polished taking into account the needs of users and it still have a patent pending. According to the plans of this group of students, Tactile could be in the market within a few years.

From time to time there comes an excellent innovation and this seems to be one of those. If everything goes according to the group’s plan then it would be an excellent news for visually impaired as they won’t have to wait for publications to convert their books in Braille or have to spend extra money to get them. Now with this device any book can be converted into Braille so the visually impaired people can read any book they want.


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