A Judge Ordered Google to Deliver Data from Emails Stored Outside the United States

Bad news for those who defend the privacy of information on the Internet: a US judge has ruled against Google and has ordered it to collaborate with the FBI and give it access to users’ emails that are stored on servers outside the United States.

It has been Judge Thomas Rueter of Philadelphia, who has indicated, according to reports in reuters, that although the recovery of electronic data from Google from its data centers abroad seems an invasion of privacy, the actual infringement occurs in the time of disclosure in the United States, something that will not happen outside the FBI.

The judgement is based on a law is exactly the same since 1986, and much has changed since then. This law must be reviewed in Congress, but it seems that the revision in question never arrives, thus affecting all technological companies that keep data inside and outside the country. A similar case occurred with Microsoft earlier, but in that case the court upheld Microsoft and the information was not sent to the authorities.

Google has responded that emails are stored on various servers around the world, so they may not even know where the information is actually being stored. They now plan to appeal the decision, while the rest of the world acts as mere spectators of a game in which their data are the protagonists.


  1. It’s about high time Google and other hi tech provider leave the USA to other parts of the world and start to boycott all of the USA than we will see what will happen .


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