A new image confirms the double camera of the Xiaomi Mi6


One of the few clear things we have about the defining characteristics of the upcoming Chinese smartphone is that the camera of the Xiaomi Mi6 will be one of the elements where the company intends to introduce more changes. Recall that when it comes to lowering costs in their phones, Xiaomi has never been characterized by showing quality cameras capable of reaching the current flagship of its competitors, but this could change this year.

If we are guided by the latest supposedly photos taken with this smartphone, as well as filtered photos of its design (like the one below), we know that the camera of the Xiaomi Mi6 would mount a double sensor at the back, similar to what we have seen on smartphones from Huawei, Apple or within their own catalog.

It is also more than possible that the Chinese company implemented a technology similar to Oppo optical zoom that we could see in the MWC of Barcelona. In this way, captures could be made up to 5x without losing even a single apex of the image quality, something that would put the Xiaomi Mi6’s camera as one of the best in the market.


We will not have to wait too long to know all the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi6 and its double back camera, since a few days ago we finally knew the most anticipated smartphone of recent times, the Xiaomi Mi6, will be officially presented on Wednesday, April 19.

We want to be 100% certain about the camera details of the Xiaomi Mi6 as well as other details such as the inclusion of the famous Snapdragon 835 processor that would make the smartphone one of the most powerful of the current panorama. As for the rest of rumors that have arisen around the new Xiaomi Mi6, we have the disappearance of the minijack port for headphones and its commercialization in different versions according to its storage and RAM.

As for its price, there were rumors indicating a figure of $450 for the most basic version of the smartphone, starred by 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, while the variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory would cost $100 more. These figures will be officially cross checked on Wednesday.


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