A new image of ‘Overwatch’ anticipates its new hero

While the ‘Overwatch’ community works tirelessly to try to figure out who will be the new hero to debut in the game, Blizzard continues to shed little clues so that speculation does not stop for a second.

Now they have shared image on the official Twitter account of the game in which we see a photo of an altercation at Numbani airport. The photo caption reads “[LAST MINUTE] Destroyed units of the OR15 at the hands of an unidentified assailant at Numani airport. There are no civilian casualties.” You can check the image above.

Now all the reticles indicate that the new hero could be a creation of scientist and inventor Efi Oladele, whose fictional interview was published by Blizzard a few days ago. In this interview Oladele mentioned his desire to create something that could protect everyone, a project that he called OR15, curiously the unit attacked in the new image.

The conjectures come back by land, sea and air and the idea coming out of their precocious and brilliant mind of the inventor is about to give us one or more heroes. This is another sign that in Blizzard they are open to offer all kinds of characters, as they mentioned recently when talking about diversity in the hero’s workforce.


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