A New Leak in ‘Overwatch’ Brings Us Closer to Doomfist

At this stage, most ‘Overwatch’ players know about Doomfist, the character that started as a bunch of rumors based on Numbani posters and some Blizzard comments, which gained much popularity when the famous actor Terry Crews offered to put Voice to this personage and visited the offices of Blizzard for reasons that at the moment we do not know.

At the moment, Blizzard has not talked about whether this character is on the way or not, given that Blizzard does not like to reveal what they are working on so as not to disappoint players in the event of the development of a map or character is canceled.

But possibly, all the turmoil that Terry Crews has caused, has gotten Blizzarrd to put the stacks in the development of this character, as evidenced by a new leak in the public region of evidence.

This filtration has been located by the user of Reddit Venxa. In this case, this user has found a model of the vehicle carrying the Doomfist glove in Numbani with broken glass, as if someone had broken the glass to steal the glove. Along with this, the user has commented that they have found a new music track, which could be related to Doomfist, either in a glove related event or in the main menu.


All this certainly points to Doomfist being closer than ever, but for the moment, we’ll have to wait for Blizzard to release something, be it a short video or event to present this character.

To know more about what this user has found and listen to the audio track you can go through this link. To see what else has brought this patch in the public testing region, you can visit this news.


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