A new official Telegram app appears in the Windows Store

Telegram is the other great messaging application that left a lot to be desired when judging its usability. It was a very slow application and it always showed the odious “rebooting” when returning to the app. In recent months we had Unigram as a UWP application alternative.

Finally, after many years of waiting, we can say that we have an official UWP Telegram version in Windows 10 Mobile. Via MSPowerUser, we have discovered a new app in the store called Telegram Private beta.

Telegram Windows app

Last week we took a bunch of bad news from all Windows 10 Mobile users. We have seen little by little applications that leave the platform, some of the important one as Runtastic or even the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Messaging applications since the Windows Phone 7 times have been Windows’s biggest problem on smartphones. WhatsApp had the system abandoned and it only published an update every 6 months or so.

Strangely, now that Windows 10 Mobile, WhatsApp beta is updated almost every week, although they do not usually bring important updates.

Coming to telegram, now you can visit the Windows store and check the Private beta Teloegram app. Although it is a beta version, anyone can install it and check that although it still has certain elements with design of the previous app, or even the animations are Windows Phone 8.1, the application generally responds much more quickly.

In addition, being a UWP application designed to be used in Windows 10 Mobile with Anniversary Update, we have the possibility to respond to messages from the same notification center. It must be made clear that this is still a beta, there are bugs in the interface.

After the app is released publicly, the elements with the same design of the Windows Phone 8.1 application will surely change in the coming months.


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