A player creates a new record surpassing all the games in the NES catalog

Speedrunner is more concerned about passing a game as quickly as possible by looking at the clock without having to enjoy the playable experience. This user has high number of followers on retransmission platforms like Twitch or even YouTube itself and his passion does not stop him creating different records. Now known Mexican speedrunner Piotr Delgado “The Mexican Runner” has managed to be the first player in the world to surpass all the games of the NES catalog on his Twitch channel.

One of the followers of Piotr Delgado asked him to overcome the whole catalog of NES at his pace instead of dedicating to playing few games again and again only to mark the highest record possible in dedicated time. From that spring of 2014 until today, ‘The Mexican Runner’ has managed to surpass the 713 games that populate the western NES catalog.

Starting May 28, 2014 with the game Whomp ‘Em and finishing yesterday with Super Mario Bros. 3, it has taken 3435 hours, in almost three years of dedication, to surpass the 714 games of the catalog of games of western NES, including the 35 exclusive titles of the PAL market. Those games that do not have a closed end have been played until he proved to his followers that there was no limit, accepting their conclusion.

While titles like Super Mario Bros 3 have been spent in minutes, there are others like Miracle Piano Teaching System that has taken you tens of hours. Currently this user has recognized records of titles like Battletoads or Contra. He is the only player in the world to reach this milestone and it will surely be imitated in the next few years.


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