A Report indicates that Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone will be Mass Produced in 2018

One of the possible disappointments of Samsung for the next MWC in Barcelona has been the decision to not introduce the new Samsung Galaxy S8 which is expected so much from users especially after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Still it seems that Samsung has something even more interesting to present, it is their first folding smartphone or at least the prototype of it. It is possible that this prototype does not arrive alone but it does with some variants to leave the whole world astonished.

A report says it will be manufactured by the end of 2017. The arrival of the prototype of the new device to the MWC is not the beginning of the manufacture of the same, and if we stick to a new report appeared, the launch of this device could be delayed until 2018 for the simple reason that it will go into production in the last quarter of this year.

This report cites the sources in Taiwan’s supply chain and says the Korean technology giant plans to start small production by the end of this year although mass production would not begin until the middle of 2018.

What is the reason for this delay? There could be technical issues that relate to the production and reliability of PI (polyimide), a key component for the production of new folding smartphones.

The report accurately reads as follows: “If PI substrates are produced in large quantities at present the mass production of plastic based on PI would arrive in the middle of 2018.” This is why there is a possibility of a long delay. The report says, if the substrates production begins by the middle of 2018, then this smartphone could be even later.

Anyway although the device is delayed in its production, it is expected to appear in the MWC 2017 at least as prototype. In this way Samsung can check the opinions of everyone and make decisions for the future mass production of the device.


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