A Siri bug can disable mobile data from a locked iPhone

Siri Bug

As we all know personal assistants have come to stay and one of the most active brands in this type of software has undoubtedly been Apple, who has managed to create one of the most popular personal assistants and which we all know as Siri. A personal assistant that is not perfect yet and now thanks to a failure of Siri, mobile data of a locked iPhone can be disabled.

Recently we told you that beyond Siri, Apple is developing a proprietary processor that will be dedicated exclusively to perform actions related to artificial intelligence and augmented reality. It is a step further to face the great competitions that are also developing their competitors in this countryside.

It is not the first time that we have seen a personal assistant being the gateway of vulnerabilities with which to modify some parameters of the mobile and without even any need to block it. No doubt privacy is a major concern of mobile users and in this case Siri’s failure is not the best way to stop this mistrust. As now, thanks to Siri we can deactivate the mobile data of an iPhone even if it is locked which is a problem.

As you are reading, even if the iPhone is completely blocked there is a way to access the mobile data settings and deactivate them. Well, if you tell Siri to “deactivates the mobile data”, then in case the iPhone is blocked this action will not be permitted. However, everything changes when instead of this action we simply say “mobile data”, then the menu will appear to enable or disable the mobile data even though the iPhone is locked. Undoubtedly a rather important security bug that allows us to manipulate system and not only by ourselves but also by anyone who wants to interact with Siri of our iPhone and modify a parameter as important as this.

This comes to show that virtual assistants like Siri still have a long way to go in order to become fully adapt to the security standards demanded by a phone such as the iPhone or other smartphones. It comes to show that these wizards can be the perfect gateway to other more serious threats from hackers. It is not that there are threats like this only but the thought of how long it will take to know the next that worries the most users.

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