A Small Robotic Arm that Recreates On Paper What We Draw on the Screen

Line-us wants to become the favorite complement of those users who like to make sketches or designs from their touchscreen devices, because it allows to bring the drawings to the paper in real time.

It is a small robotic arm that reproduces in real time the movement that we do when drawing on the screen of our device. It does not matter if we are drawing with the fingers, with the stylus or with the mouse, Line-us recognizes the dynamics and recreates the movements.

For this dynamic to work, we need to have installed the Line-us app, and of course internet connection. At the same time Line-us needs to connect to a battery or some other source via USB. We can use it both horizontally, using the metal plate that comes inside the kit, or vertically if we want to place it on the wall or some furniture.


If we wish to replicate our drawing in a notebook, or decorate an object, we can place it directly on the surface of the element (as long as it is smooth) and maintain the same dynamic.

With the help of the app we can organize our drawings, and share them with the rest of the community. And of course, see the designs that others have posted. We can follow this dynamic, whether from Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows.

At the moment, Line-us is in funding stage in Kickstarter, so we if you are interested then fund their promotions to acquire a model.


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