‘Accel World VS Sword Art Online’ Will Hit PS4 and PSVita in Summer

Accel World VS Sword Art Online

Bandai Namco has announced the arrival of one of its most promising RPG based on two franchises of great success at the time. This is ‘Accel World VS Sword Art Online’, which will link the two creations of Reki Kawahara to bring a completely new and exclusive story for PS4 and PS Vita. While in Japan the game is expected for March, the rest of the West will arrive throughout the summer of 2017.

The plot of ‘Accel World VS Sword Art Online’ is written by Reki Kawahara himself and revolves around the fusion of both digital worlds, which collide with each other across time and space. As a result Yui, adopted daughter of Kirito disappears and in its place arises the seven kings of pure color, whom you must defeat to see her again.
The protagonist of ‘Sword Art Online’ must join forces with old acquaintances and the avatars of the accelerated world to face this threat, which surpasses him alone.

Players must form groups of up to three members with characters from both franchises, who will have access to unique abilities depending on their origin. Heroes of ‘Sword Art Online’ will have access to the magic and flying ability extracted from Alfheim Online, while the ‘Accel World’ knights will be able to use the acceleration and special techniques that will allow to operate in combat in a very different way. The goal will be to create teams balanced enough to access a wide range of skills, or join with three other friends to make use of online multiplayer cooperative.

This will be the next video game of ‘Sword Art Online’, anime of great popularity arisen from the light novels of Reki Kawahara. ‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization’ was the last to arrive in November 2016, which continues to update today with new content, characters and history.


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