According to Blizzard, Doomfist will not be next character to arrive at ‘Overwatch’

One of the most talked about topics in ‘Overwatch’ is their future characters, given that the new content is always welcome and many players already have very much seen the current characters. As an extra, theories and research on future characters are often striking for many players.

Currently Doomfist is undoubtedly the most likely character for the game.
Unfortunately for all those who expected this to be the next character, we have bad news, given that Jeff Kaplan, the director of the game has commented the following within the forums of the game:

“Twenty-four is not who you think it is”

Referring to the twenty-fourth character in joining this game, and that is not Doomfist. Shadow was the twenty-third character of the game. This does not mean that Blizzard is not working on Doomfist, it only points us that it may not be the next to reach the title. For a long time, Doomfist was rumoured to be the new character of the Overwatch.

All this has made the speculations about the character’s come back with more force, since currently nobody outside Blizzard is clear who will be the next character to join the title.


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