According to the Latest Lenovo Moto Patent The Moto Z 2017 Will Arrive With Iris Scanner

Iris Scanner Moto Z 2017

A new patent application filed by Lenovo Moto suggests that the company will include an iris scanner inside its upcoming terminal Moto Z.

According to a leaked document on a patent application, the Moto Z 2017 can rely on two narrow-angle lenses on the top of the device’s screen to read the user’s eyes.

All companies have been focusing on biometrics even on the most basic smartphones. The difference for the most advanced models would be to complement digital biometrics with the iris reading.

The iris scanner can do basically the same thing as the fingerprint scanner, except because it reads the unique features of the user’s iris to unlock the phone, verify identity and open applications.

The patent sketches show that the Moto Z (2017) will continue to have a dedicated fingerprint reader on the front, instead of a Start button with integrated fingerprint reader.

Moto Z Iris Scanner

But this would not be the only highlight of the new Moto Z. The device still continues to maintain modularity as a difference.

If the recent leaks are correct, Moto Z 2017 will come with Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm’s most powerful octa-core chipset and expected to hit the market early in the second quarter. This device would also have 4GB of RAM and Android 7.1.1. According to GeekBench, Motorola’s new flagship can reach 1,930 points in the single-core test and 6,207 in the multi-core.

Still not sure when we will see the new launch of the device, but it can use the stage of MWC 2017 to make an official announcement. Anyway, the company has made it clear that there is no hurry with Moto Z and does not want to quarrel with the top smartphones from Samsung and Apple.


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