Acer to launch slim notebooks and notebooks for gamers in 2017

The Taiwanese company Acer has confirmed its interest in developing solutions directed to two specific niches: gamers and those looking thin and light notebooks

The PC market has long been struggling with a decline in sales that has been constant in recent years, but there are some niches in this area that represent an exception, as the thinnest notebook solutions and those for gamers.

It is not surprising why Acer targets these two areas for 2017, as reported by Digitimes. The Taiwanese company will present new models in the first quarter of 2017, according to what is anticipated by its president of operations in Taiwan, Dave Lin.

For thinner notebook we had the opportunity to see the work of various Acer models presented at the CES in Las Vegas, during the month of January. The company is proposing solutions on the market that combine small size to a very nice design, positioning itself in a price segment that is certainly not the one with lowest cost and in this way trying to get higher margins in the complex.

There is no shortage of solutions and Nitro Predator families for gamers, models with different variations in terms of display and specifications that can totally offer a purchase option to a large number of consumers looking for solutions for the gaming mobility.

During 2016 the company has been able to capitalize on the interest in thin notebooks and gaming, including a positive impact on sales: + 10% for the former and a + 30% for the latter. The slim notebook market saw 2-in-1 solutions become progressively more important. For the gaming notebook sector the offer of CPU components and mobile GPU capable of rivaling the desktop proposals prompted many fans to this type of proposals, capable of ensuring high playability in any environment.


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