After just one month, LineageOS has more than 500,000 users

Over many years, CyanogenMod was by far the most popular Custom ROM for Android and was installed and used by several million users. After the fast end of the project, the LineageOS team was formed within a few days, officially succeeding it further. After a few weeks on the market, the project was able to attract more than half a million users.

On Christmas the company had to announce the end behind the popular CyanogenMod and has stopped the development of the project with immediate effect. Out of the rest of the project, the new project Lineage OS was launched, which is built on it directly, so that there was only a change of the name. There are some changes compared to CyanogenMod, but overall the reboot was very well received.

The first version of Lineage OS has been available for download for over a month and is now available for nearly 100 smartphones from more than a dozen manufacturers. Now, some interesting statistics about the distribution of the project have been published, showing how high such Custom ROMs are in have an active installation base of 525,000 users, most of them coming from India. Directly behind it follow the USA and then comes Germany with nearly 26,000 users.

It is also interesting that the smartphones on which the ROM is used most frequently is by far the OnePlus One which is most often used with Lineage OS. Behind it comes the Redmi Note 3 and then again a device from the house, OnePlus 3. Then is the still very popular Samsung Galaxy S3, which meanwhile a lot of users use as a second smartphone to test such ROMs.

The installation base of CyanogenMod is not a long way to go, because it was in the high phase with over 10 million users, but one is on the right way. And, of course, one must not forget that the ROM has been on the market for only a month and is still not as popular as CyanogenMod. Without question, the first million mark will be expected in just a few weeks.

The strength of Lineage OS was only proven this week by a handyman who has actually managed to install Android nougat on a Samsung Galaxy S which without Lineage OS (or any other ROM) that would never have been possible. At the same time, this project has also shown that even the oldest hardware is still powerful enough to run a modern operating system and apps, but in somewhat wobbly condition.


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