After two years, Google provides new wallpaper for Chrome OS

A few days ago, Google launched a new version of the Chrome OS operating system via the Developer Channel, which does not have many changes compared to the stable version 56. However, it includes a new wallpaper which is now used as standard and gives the operating system a new face in the coming years.

Google’s designers at the Chrome OS team are currently working very hard and are doing their utmost and an updated version of the material design is almost complete. In order to honor this new surface, the background image has now been exchanged, and from the coming version, a new graphic will be published, which stands out clearly from the old one.

Above you can see the new wallpaper, which has recently been released via the Developer Channel of Chrome OS version 57 and by default will also be delivered with newly sold Chromebooks in the future. It looks simple and good and in my opinion one has here made the right choice.

chrome os old wallpaper

Comparing this background with the current standard (above), it is already a distinctly different direction. Not only is the color changing from a discreet brown with natural colors to a blue color. The photo of the coasts was the standard since version 40 of the operating system.

Chrome OS still does not have a desktop on which apps or files can be placed, it is practically not used. And the browser always runs in full screen anyway and leaves nothing to the picture. Change is only seen by the Android apps under Chrome OS, which do not necessarily run in the full screen.

Some manufacturers like Samsung also provide their own background image with new Chromebooks. However, the picture created by Google’s designers is also available on these devices. The image can be found after the update to Chrome OS 57 Dev at the address file: ///usr/share/chromeos-assets/wallpaper/default_large.jpg, and is also available in the WallpaperPicker.

Perhaps the designers might also think about the opportunity to offer the Google Wallpaper App under Chrome OS.


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