Alexa will answer all the doubts of Amazon customers

Amazon Alexa

We know that the technology has gradually reached us and it could be that in the future the artificial intelligence will dominate us. This time, Alexa, the smart assistant of Amazon, could be on the other side of the phone when a client tries to resolve their doubts.

As frightening as it may seem, Amazon will try to cut costs by implementing Alexa in its customer service, which will surely imply a deplorable staff cut. In addition, according to a report from The Information, the e-commerce company is currently working on a new version of Alexa specifically developed to answer questions of phone calls and text messages.

In turn, Amazon is preparing to sell its software in order to help other companies manage their call centers, based on Alexa. With the new strategies Amazon will be implementing, it is speculated that the trading company will reach more than 15 billion dollars in the next five years.

The code of the new software package will be named as Lily and is expected to be formally announced by the end of March. In parallel, there are Lex and Polly who use the same natural language processing as Alexa. This software is primarily intended to be completely helpful to the prospect of customers who talk to him.

However, not all the task will fall on artificial intelligence, but there will be human representatives who can advise on more complex problems that Alexa cannot solve. Likewise, this service will be integrated with Salesforce who is dedicated to solving software management through customer relationships from the cloud.

With this alliance, Amazon promises real-time access to a specific customer’s call history. Thus, customers with an urgent problem can skip all those endless and tedious menus with multiple dialing options at the time of calling second or third time. That is, Amazon’s artificial intelligence will detect that it is not the first call made by the same client, so it will prevent you from having to listen to that entire introduction.

As for Amazon’s plan to sell its software to other companies, it is still on the eve of negotiations, as many companies are still operating under obsolete terms and could hardly rely on a solution based on artificial intelligence or information in the cloud.


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