All Chromebooks Introduced After 2017 Will Support Android Applications


All Chromebooks introduced after 2017 will support Android applications. If you follow closely the innovations related to Chrome OS, the Google operating system for laptops, you probably know that one of the most interesting news, and that the users expect more, is to be able to install Android applications on their Chromebooks.

From the moment this compatibility was announced, Chromebooks have not received too much capacity, and so far the complete list of devices that received it has not been known.

And today, in addition to finally knowing the devices that will receive this feature, we know that from this year 2017, all Chromebooks released to the market will be able to run Android applications natively.

This has been confirmed by Google in the official support website of Chrome OS, which states that all Chromebooks launched from 2017 onwards will support Android applications.

Although the truth is that this does not surprise us, it is always good to receive an official confirmation. Also, in this way users who were thinking about buying a Chromebook, now have a very good excuse to wait for new devices to be launched starting this year.

We should not forget that during the past CES 2017, Samsung and ASUS presented their new bets in the sector of Chromebooks with Chromebook Plus and Pro in the case of Samsung, and the Chromebook Flip of ASUS. Of course, both were announced with native support for Android applications.

Apart from this statement, Google has published an official list with all Chromebooks that will have support for Android applications in the not too distant future. The complete list can be read on the official Chrome OS support website, which includes over 60 different devices.


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