All Developers Can Now Publish Apps and Games Compatible With Daydream


From today, all developers can post applications for Daydream. Google intends to extend the possibilities of Daydream, its virtual reality platform, allowing all developers who want to publish their applications compatible with the platform in the Google Play Store.

So far, only a few Google partner companies have had the privilege of hanging up their Daydream-compatible applications , but from now on, anyone who wants and has the necessary skills can publish their applications and games to be used on this Google virtual reality platform.

Some developers have reported the appearance of a new panel in their Android Developer Console, as well as receiving an email from Google, which says that the program access to Daydream has opened its Doors today.

No doubt this is great news, not only for developers, but for all users who have the opportunity to make use of Daydream on their mobile devices. We must remember that today, only some smartphones are compatible with this platform. Among them are Google Pixel, Huawei Mate 9, Axon 7 from ZTE or Lenovo Moto Z after upgrading to Android 7.0 Nougat.

Obviously, applications will have to meet the requirements imposed by the Big G before they can publish the apps on platform intended for Daydream. At the moment there is no light on all the conditions that Google requires, but we do know that applications or games must maintain a high performance during execution, in addition to support for the driver included with the Daydream virtual reality glasses.

These requirements are intended to ensure a good experience for users, the main reason why only the most powerful smartphones have support for Daydream.

Bearing in mind that this program has started its availability today, the first applications compatible with Daydream will take several days or weeks to appear. Be that as it may, we are happy to know that Google is betting strongly on the virtual reality, allowing any developer who wants to share their creations with other users.


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