All developments of the Clash of Clans update and its shipwreck

Clash Of Clans update

Finally we have all the updates regarding the Clash of Clans update. Last week we mentioned the sudden shipwreck that recently appeared in the game and now we get to unveil all the details of this ship.

This update comes loaded with news. Supercell already made it clear that we would not be seeing anything about a new level of town hall or new levels of walls, but we would see other news in this update that Clash of Clans has called it as the largest of the game yet.

New game mode, balance changes and other updates of the Clash of Clans update

The first thing that we are going to talk about in this new update of the game from Supercell, will be of the changes of balance, that is never lacking in any update but is not the most important thing:

  • Level 5 Cloning Spell (Level 11 City Hall)
  • Level 6 Ice Spell (Level 11 City Hall)
  • Level 7 Healing Spell (Level 10 City Hall)
  • Seventh gold mine and seventh elixir collector available with City Hall level 9
  • Damage to pump has increased
  • Bomb damage has increased
  • Discount of time and in cost in:
    • Level 1 to 5 Ice Spell
    • Level 1 to 5 cloning spell
    • Level 4 and 5 healing spell

New builder base and all about the shipwreck

builderbase Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Village

Let’s see first what this shipwrecked ship was all about. Now, with the upgrade, we find that we can fix this ship if we have reached the level 4 of city council, so it is aimed at the majority of people in the game. Once repaired, we will have to set sail to a new world of builders.

The first thing that stands out is that the village we come to is always at night. We did not find a town hall, but rather a Builders’ Workshop and the village will function in a totally different way. The gold and elixir you steal in the Main Village has nothing to do with this village. We also find new structures:

  • Crusher: defense that crushes enemies
  • Thrust Trap: scatters enemy troops
  • Gem Mine: collects gems constantly
  • Clock Tower: Accelerates the builder base
  • Double cannon
  • Anti-aircraft firecracker firecrackers

We find small changes in how to defend and attack in the village such as:

  • The arquera tower can level the height for, or attack faster or farther.
  • It is more difficult for troops to dodge mortar bullets.

We also find new troops or new abilities for some troops of the game, noticing that Supercell continues giving importance to the attack in this update:

  • Fugitive archers: become invisible for a short period of time
  • Giant boxer: the first attack that gives more damage than normal
  • Bomber: throws big bombs that do splatter damage
  • Cannon with wheels: four-wheeled structure for battle
  • Barbarians will have fury at all times

New Hero and New Battle Mode: Clashes

The resources are going to be gathered in other ways as we find a new game mode called clashes, which will be a one vs. one. Each camp may have only one type of troop.

Neither do we find spells, since they are implanted in each card. Each card will have a different and unique spell like the ones we mentioned before. That is to say, they are the same letters but with slight modifications.

The new hero that we find in this new village of Clash of Clans is called “War Machine” and can only be unlocked at level 5 of the builder’s workshop, and will have a special ability at his last level.

As for the battles, we see that we do not steal any type of material from the rival but we gain resources for each battle won, as a prize. The attacks will happen on both side and this is their mechanics. When you join another opponent, you will have to attack his village and he will attack yours, at the same time. Whoever gets more stars or more damage, will be the winner. You can only get resources for three victories a day, and the other victories will be trophies.


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