Did You Hear About Best Safer Alternative of Vidmate

Vidmate is one of the best application to download the videos. The application is very much user-friendly. The features that Vidmate offers is amazing and very reliable. When Vidmate is already very compatible and reliable application, what is the need of alternatives? The alternatives of the application are well, “just-in-case” types. Just -in-case your mobile stopped supporting Vidmate due to stubborn trojans, or maybe application stopped working smoothly with your system, or any other possibility out there. Including your moods and choices.

Here the article extends a list of alternatives for Vidmate which are equally trustworthy

All Video Downloader

all video downloader

The name itself says it all. Still, let me introduce you, the All video Downloader downloads all the types of videos into your device within the blinks.

Features of All Video Downloader:

Supports HD video download

You can either watch the HD videos live or download them for watching it later. HD videos could be easily downloaded with the All Videos Downloader.

Allows you to search by URL

The All Video Downloader enables you to search the desired video to be downloaded by directly searching for the link.

Preview the video

The All Video Downloader enables to preview the video before downloading the actual video.

Allows to download the large sized videos

Any size of videos could be downloaded with All Video Downloader. Also, the videos can be downloaded in the format you want to.

Downloads the video in the background

The All Video Downloader download the video in the background with super fast speed. Meaning, you can perform your other activities while the video is been downloading.

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Video Downloader for Facebook

Almost everyone is on Facebook. And everyone might have felt an urge to download the video that they have found on Facebook while surfing.

facebook video downloader

Features of Facebook Video Downloader

Easy to use

The Facebook Video Downloader is extremely easy to use. The UI of the application is so much friendly that you need not learn to download.

The Facebook Video Downloader is safe and lightweight

The app is safe to use. And the app is also very small in size that you won’t have worry about the storage space consumption.

Video Downloader

video downloader


The Video Downloader is yet another alternative of Vidmate to download the videos free of cost. The video downloader is very easy to manage and use.

Features of Video Downloader:

Video Downloader allows downloading the file directly to the customized path

The Video Downloader allows you to download the video to the path you wish to. You can, later on, change the path.

Video Downloader supports multimedia

The Video Downloader allows you to download, not only videos of all the formats but also audio too.

Video Downloader enables you to watch live videos and movies

You can watch any movie or video live on Video Downloader. The application so much smoother and easy to handle.


The Vidmate is an extremely useful application for all the video viewers. Those who wish to watch videos offline and according to their spare time, Vidmate is the solution. However, alternatives must be handy all the time. Hence, we have collected some trustworthy applications for downloading the videos. Do comment if you know few other reliable and worth mentioning video downloading applications. For more trends and latest application updates, stay reading us.


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