Amazon Chime, Amazon’s new proposal offers an alternative to Skype

So far all conference calls and meetings via video conference have been synonymous with Skype, the famous application that practically most of us have installed and used on our devices.

That is why Amazon has come up with the idea of changing this, so has introduced Chime, a new web services platform that seeks to simplify communications between teams and people. It provides various different features such as voice call, video call, chat and screen sharing.

Amazon Chime is a serious alternative to Skype. According to Amazon, this service has been built from scratch with the smartphone as a target, since the applications in these devices work in a fluid way.

The smartphone has been the target for simple reasons, such as the possibility to notify someone that you are late to the meeting, or get out of it quickly for other reasons, possibility to mute the microphone of a particular person if there is much noise where we are or be able to share the screen of our smartphone without any problems.

It has a complete chat room in it which gives us the possibility to share important documents with our contacts. Amazon Chime can be tested for free for 30 days, but after finishing this trial period, we will find three plans to choose from.

The Basic Edition, with this plan we will have access to all options, except the screen sharing. The next is the Plus Edition, this is perfect for companies that intend to manage users, although it has a cost of $2.5 a month, but gives us the possibility of remote control of devices and synchronization with other services.

Finally we have the Pro Edition, which has a cost of $15 per month per user, with it we can share screen, have meetings of up to 100 users, remote control other equipment and even record the call.

This is the proposal that Amazon has submitted to give competition to Skype. If the service really is good then it could be successful and overthrow the current leading applications.

Chime is now available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.


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