AMD reports a rise of 18% revenue compared to the last quarter


AMD has released its financial report for the first quarter of 2017, and as expected, green shoots are finally on the rise. The company has made $984 million, and although it still means losses, revenue growth of 18% makes them see things differently.

As we said, the company has totaled 984 million dollars, 18% more than during the previous period. This continues to represent losses, totaling 29 million operational and net 73 million ($ 0.08 per share), but it is the first time in a long time that they have achieved a growth of income and also do with quite good numbers, which makes them optimistic for the future. These are the words of Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, in this regard:

“We have managed to increase revenues by 18% over last year, and much of this has been thanks to strong demand from our Ryzen processors as well as the new generation of graphics cards. The forecast is that during this year we follow the same path and growth will be strengthened until we have positive numbers. “

The result of AMD during the first quarter of the year:

AMD revenue Q1 2017

Things were bad economically when Lisa Su took the reins of the company, and yet they have always been optimistic for the future. They knew they were going to have a bad years, with lots of losses (and it has), but they had high hopes that their next releases in the CPUs and graphics sectors would get them out of the way. Ryzen is already in the market and the first few pieces of growth have already arrived. They themselves recognize that the date of launching of Ryzen has not been fully reflected in the fiscal result of the quarter.

Of course, for the next report Ryzen will already be reflected as it should, settled in the market, and finally will arrive the new Vega architecture, thanks to which they hope to leave the hole of losses.


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