AMD to publish more details on Vega, Navi and Zen Plus on May 16

AMD Vega

Several websites claim that on May 16, AMD will hold an event with its CEO Lisa Su and the head of the Radeon division and CTO of the company, Raja Koduri, at the head of the same. It is expected that the company will talk about the turning point in which they are, and anticipate some details of the upcoming Vega and Navi graphic architectures, as well as the upcoming Zen Plus processor architecture.

Of course, AMD has published its launching schedule for a long time, so that the names of the products of its next generations are a fact. Hence, first we have the expected Vega architecture that will transform the current one and then the Navi architecture that will be the successor of Vega. As for the processors, we have Zen Plus that will be the natural evolution of the current Zen processors (Ryzen), which of course AMD is already working on.

Upcoming AMD architectures

Whether or not the event is held on May 16, it is clear that a company like AMD cannot stand still or much less sleep on their laurels. It is common for a manufacturer to work in two generations simultaneously, although logically there may even be years of separation between the launching of one and the other. For example in terms of graphic architectures, according to the roadmap published by AMD Vega architecture with HBM2 will now arrive in 2017 (in fact as you know is about to be officially announced), while Navi, who will have “next generation memory”, would arrive sometime next year.

For its part, we have Zen architecture (Ryzen) that just launched a few weeks ago. It is also known for a long time that after Zen, Zen Plus will arrive. However, it is true that in this case there is a lot of unknown to say anything as there is not even an approximate launch date or what advantages it will provide over the current generation. The only thing that is known is that it will be an evolution of the current generation and not a totally new architecture.

It is assumed whether or not AMD actually performs on the event of May 16th however we will leave some doubts in all this or at least in some of these points. By the way, nobody really expects that on this date the official announcement would take place just in case you were wondering but it is expected that they do release some new information. You know that AMD is a friend of releasing information with eyedropper, so we will have to be satisfied for now.


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