An Augmented Reality app that recognizes the model and year of any car


To obtain basic information about a car like manufacturer, model and year of it is already possible using the Blippar app by just focusing the camera of the mobile on the car. However, at the moment it only works for cars that United States manufactured and that too only those cars that are made after the year of 2000 (what not is little).

It uses a new learning technology that specialized in car recognition and therefore is able to identify the data even when the car is in motion, although the vehicle will have to go to less than 24 km / h.

Blippar already has experience with Augmented Reality as it has already developed a platform for brands and publishers that allows content display when focusing on bottle or advertisement labels. However, now they have focused on visual search and want to return information when focusing flowers or garments. Dressing something similar to what Google promised a few days ago.

This car recognition system will work within the Blippar app itself, and in addition to objective information, we will also have opinions and user notes, as well as a 360 degree view of the type of car.

They also offer an API so that sellers and insurance companies can use this technology in their own applications and they promise that the accuracy is 97.7%, so it seems to be even better than that of human specialists.
An application like this tends to make people lives very easy. For example, when a user is thinking of buying a car or if he just likes a car he sees but don’t have any information on it then all he has to do is use this app and focus the camera on the car and he will be able to find out everything he want, thanks in particular to this app.

Check this video to know how it works:


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