An image of the Moto X 2017 is shown in a video of the company


Slowly we start seeing new filters and all the rumors of the new phones that we going are to see this year. We have already been able to see Motorla’s whole bet at the Mobile World Congress, but today we are going to see an image of the Moto X 2017 that has come out in an official Motorola video.

Lenovo announced the return of the Motorola brand, leaving aside the name Moto by Lenovo. The phones are going to remain the same, but the marketing and advertising strategy would bet on the name of Motorola because it sells much more than the Moto by Lenovo.
We are discovering all the details of the new Motorola phone for this year, which would be the new Moto X 2017. We were able to know its characteristics a few days ago, seeing that it would be a full-range or mid-range. Recall that the Moto X two years ago was the high end of the company, until the Moto Z range came to replace their place and this range passed into the background.

We could also see some images of how their design would be filtered, seeing that it would have a great resemblance to the Moto G5 that we saw in the Mobile World Congress. We do not know exactly in which market this new Moto X 2017 will be directed, as last year it did not reach the European market.

The news is that the company has shown the Moto X 2017 in an official video of the company. This image of Moto X 2017 lets us see the company’s new color, with the same design as the last filtered image of it. It is almost the same as the Moto G5, but will have a few small differences.

In this image below we can also see a new phone of the company that we totally ignore. This phone could be a kind of Moto G5 Plus with possibility of being modular, something that would not be strange since it is the great bet of the company. It has also been rumored that it may be the new Moto Z for this year, failing to bet on the glass and betting on a design quite similar to the style that are following all Moto this year.


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