Android Lollipop is still the most used version


Until a few years ago, Android was an operating system that was far from perfect. One day everything changed and that day was the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop which brought with it Material Design, the aesthetics we currently retain in the latest versions.

However, with such radical changes, Lollipop became one of the worst versions of Android history with failures in RAM management, performance and battery. To this day, it is still the most widely used version, do you want to know what the current fragmentation situation is on Android?

This is currently fragmented Android:

Android 2017 stats

Currently, the figures of Android fragmentation are not good at all. We are faced with a distribution as always which is too irregular, causing most devices to continue with an operating system for almost 3 years.

Android Gingerbread 1%
Android Ice Cream Sandwich 1%
Android Jelly Bean 10.6%
Android KitKat 20.8%
Android Lollipop 32.5%
Android Marshmallow 31.3%
Android Nougat 2.8%

As we can see in GSMarena, Android Lollipop is still the most used version of Android, something above Marshmallow. The distribution of Android Nougat is still terrible, since it does not even reach 3% of the total versions that are on Android.

Why does this happen? It is quite simple, the devices that continue in Lollipop are not going to be updated to Marshmallow, so the number of users with that version will not be reduced in the short term.

Apart from this, updates to Android Nougat arrive with eyedroppers and only to devices of high range. This makes it very difficult for the percentage of updated devices to increase. Year after year, we see how the problem of fragmentation is increasing, without us being able to do anything to remedy it.


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