Android Nougat continues to grow as it seen in increasing number of devices

Android Nougat 7

Every month Google provides us the Android status data of 2017 to let us know how manufacturers are adapting to the latest versions of the company’s operating system. In this way and following the take-off contemplated last month, we know that Android Nougat continues to grow and is already present in an increasing number of devices.

At the beginning of April we knew that Android Nougat was already present in 4.9% of devices on the market (although Android 7.1 reached only 0.4%). This figure is still disappointing because it is an operating system that has been with us for about a year, but we are happy to see that manufacturers finally got their hands on it in early 2017.

Now, in just one month, this percentage grows by more than 2%. The latest data from Google indicates that Android Nougat is already present in 6.6% of devices, while Android 7.1.1 grows up to 0.5%. This means that in just 30 days the presence of Android Nougat in the mobile phone market has grown from 4.9% last month to 7.1%, an increase of 2.2%.

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Despite the good news, it means that Android Nougat will grow exponentially every month. Today it remains as the 5th most used operating system version in mobile phones present on the market. Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow are the real queens of the current panorama, followed by Android KitKat and Android JellyBean.

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The first months of 2017 have meant the take off of the latest version of Google’s operating system. While branded smartphones such as Google Nexus and Google Pixel already enjoyed Android Nougat, it had not been until the months of February and March, when the update reached the rest of manufacturers.

In the first weeks of January Nougat was not present in 1% of Android devices on the market, while in February it barely managed to exceed this percentage. Now, with the closeness of the presentation of Android O, it finally seems that the brands have put the batteries and is expected that, before its release, Android Nougat will reach a market share of more than 10%.


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