Android O could bring big changes to notifications


It is said that Google could offer a first exclusive look at the upcoming Android O during the Google I/O conference, which will take place in May. Until then, from time to time the new information that arrives on this future version of the operating system will appear in the network. The latest data speaks of different changes and developments regarding notifications and how they will work. Apparently, Google intends to introduce quite a few changes to the Android O notification system, including icons for notifications themselves.

This means that each notification would simultaneously carry the icon pertaining to the particular app, and users could quickly see how many notifications they have over a particular app just by looking at the main screen. In addition to this, 9to5Google has indicated that Android O could come with a completely redesigned notification system, although this is yet to be verified.

Google could also include picture-in-picture mode, as already happens on Android TVs. In addition, the company seems to be working on a floating toolbar with Google Assistant integration. This feature would automatically copy important information into apps and highlight it when needed. There would also be an option to copy less, according to a previous report.

Google could also bring background restricted activities from some apps on Android O. The tool can currently be found on Chrome 57 and allows users to reduce the power consumption of bottom working tabs, thereby optimizing the duration of the battery.

Dynamic icons that change are another of the features that have been mentioned in the report; And it is something that can currently be found in the Pixel Launcher for Google Pixel smartphones. Not only that, it seems that Google may have planned to bring enough enhancements to the MediaRecorder API, which will allow apps to capture audio and video in order to store information in persistent storage.

We could also find improvements in audio latency, but as always this information has to be taken with great care. We will have to wait to see what Google has prepared for this future Android system O. In regards to the name, many say it could be Android Oreo, although there is nothing official yet.


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