Android Security Patch: Update Fixes Annoying Audio Problem with the Pixel Smartphones

Just in time for the start of the month, Google is rolling out the monthly security update for Android, not only filling some security gaps, but also resolving known and less-known bugs in the operating system. Among other things, this security patch has now fixed the very annoying audio bug for pixel smartphones, which has occurred in the terminal of number of users after the previous update.

After the update on Android 7.1, many users of a pixel smartphone on Reddit and also in Google’s product forums have reported that the smartphones in the audio playback at the highest volume level makes croaky and very annoying sounds. At first it was not clear whether this was a problem on the software or hardware side.

After several came complaints accumulated and several dozen users have aired their anger, a Google employee has at least spoken briefly, and promised to look at the problem. Although they have no longer spoken and mentioned the problem in the update, but apparently they have found the bug and fixed it. Users facing this problem have spoken again and confirmed that the problem is resolved.

The above video shows once again, what extreme effects this bug had on the users and that it was not only a small disturbing noise but actually a loud noise. Interestingly, the bug is currently only fixed with the security patch and with the Android Nougat 7.1.2 Beta still available.


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