Android Things Developer Preview 2 brings us the Google Internet of Things

Google Launches Android Things Developer Preview 2. Last year the Internet of Things increased its importance in the technological landscape. The potential that has to exploit these types of systems is brutal and how could Google stay behind.

At the end of December last year Google introduced Android Things, a kind of operating system aimed at the Internet of Things. With this Mountain View intended to offer manufacturers the tools to create both apps and devices that were compatible with this new system.

Google has not taken more than two months since the launch of the first version of Android to present its second version in which important new features are added to the operating system. It will become official this year.

The new version of the operating system will add USB Audio support for the Raspberry Pi 3 and Intel Edison cards. In addition to this have solved a lot of errors related to input/output peripherals, has also been added support for the Intel Joule platform to provide the most computing power to date.

Many of the developers make use of native C or C ++ to develop IO software. That’s why a library has been launched to provide native access to the Peripheral API (PIO), so developers can use their native code.

The latest addition to Android Things Developer Preview 2 is the addition of TensorFlow learning and artificial intelligence library support. With this, all manufacturers will be able to produce compatible devices that can recognize their surroundings through the camera, or for example speak with speech synthesis.

Google wants to bet heavily on this technology because the company knows that it may be the future. Some devices already take advantage of new systems and Google sees a great opportunity.


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