Android Vice President sows doubt, the next version could be Android Oreo

We arrived with fresh news about the new version of Google’s operating system. There are still many devices that do not even have Android 7.0 Nougat, but there are rumors about the name of the new version.

In September our beloved green robot turned 8 years since its presentation. Since that day, Android has made the world of operating systems for smartphones, taking ahead of others more famous at the time like Symbian or Blackberry.

Android Oreo, how does it sound?

By all is known that the names of versions of Android have names of sweets. From its beginnings they have followed the alphabetical order and little by little they have been using the letters of the alphabet until arriving at the current N of Nougat Android.

Many names have gone through the operating system, from Android Cupcake, Gingerbread, Jelly Bean or KitKat. This time again rumors about the name of the new version, and here comes on the scene the vice president of Android.

Hiroshi Lockheimer, this is his name. It seems that he is a great lover of sweets and exquisite jokes, because when rumored about the name of Android N, he was the one who hinted the name Nutella. What did it end up being? Android Nougat, as we know it now, so we should not believe the first name he tells us.

On his twitter account he just seeds the doubt, sharing a gif of a cake made with oreo cookies. What does this mean? For many people it may not mean anything, but for all those who wait for news of the operating system of Google we are aware that it intends to communicate that the next name could be Android Oreo.

Do we have to believe him? Maybe not, since their background with the names of the versions is not the most reliable. It probably does this to baffle everyone who is aware of the technological landscape, and to get even more to talk about the Android’s operating system.


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