Andromeda Rumors Appear, The Alleged New Adaptive Interface of Windows 10

Microsoft seems to have enough ideas for Windows 10, as demonstrated by its various projects, such as upgrades, Project NEON or the newest rumors, Windows 10 Cloud: a lightweight version of Windows 10 that will run only applications from the Windows Store.

Now news has come from MSPoweruser, which indicate that Microsoft has even more plans for Windows 10 than we thought, specifically Microsoft is working on a new desktop experience for Windows 10, code-named Andromeda.

The truth is I do not know about this Microsoft constellation, because in case you do not know it was rumored a few months ago the union of Android with Chrome OS, which has not been proven.

With Andromeda, Microsoft would be bringing things like support multi-window Continuum, a taskbar, toast notifications and full-featured Action Center, along with a user interface that would look almost exactly like the desktop Of Windows 10 PCs.

It would be a more adaptive interface for Windows 10, which will seek to unite the versions of Windows even more.

WalkingCat a Twitter user already famous for leaks has said that the Andromeda Google and Microsoft are essentially the same.

It must be said not to take it quickly, as this Composable Shell or now called Andromeda is not likely to occur until Build 2017, so in a few months everything can change.

The good news is that some sources indicate the arrival of Andromeda for Redstone 3 Insiders users who can try this and other developments since mid 2017, because as you know once the Microsoft Creators update is released they will begin to focus on Redstone 3.

Andromeda joins with NEON Project, which many call a new Windows 10 experience, consequently, there is much to expect for this year as the Surface Phone, Redstone 3 and Windows 10 Cloud.


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