Animal Crossing Mobile Will Not Be Released Until April

Nintendo has released a statement regarding animal crossing game for mobile that it will not hit the app store until April.

After ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’, which will hit the mobile market over the next February 2, they are expected to begin reporting on another pending mobile title: a dedicated delivery of ‘Animal Crossing’. We know absolutely nothing about it, although it was expected to come out on the digital markets in the first quarter of this year 2017.

As part of its recent shareholder meeting, Nintendo has announced that the title of ‘Animal Crossing’ for iPhone, iPad and Android will not hit app stores until at least April. The game is no longer within its plans for this fiscal year ending March 31, so we can expect its release for at least April 1 at the earliest.

This unexpected delay of one of the Nintendo titles that can best adapt to the mobile market may imply that they are being delayed to polish it to the maximum, or that they do not want their release to be so close to that of ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ in February so that the launch of the colorful game with talking animals is not affected by the tactical RPG or vice versa. We will let you know if any official date for the release of this mobile game is announced.


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