Animista has a collection of animations in CSS for use on our websites

Animista started as a personal project of Ana Travas, a website that organized animations made in CSS to make it easier to find them when they need to apply in a specific project.

Now it has become an excellent directory of CSS animations that anyone can use to illustrate and give original effects on their websites. A web where they make clear that the flash is no longer necessary to animate the content we see daily on the Internet.

This is a collection of animations already made that can be tested and adjusted directly from their website. We can define several variables that define the type of animation, including colors, delay times, total duration of the animation. The goal is to see how the result will be before exporting the code.

In the top menu we have access to several options to save what we like, as well as to obtain the code that we need to copy and paste on our pages.

The collection of animations includes twists, swipes, slides appearing, always with a side configuration panel that allows you to adjust sizes as well as a secondary menu with variations of the main effect.

It is not possible to upload new animations, as the responsibility for the new content lies with those responsible, but they promise to keep the site updated with new options.
So, the next time you want some animations to be done in CSS, you can first check their collection to search what you want.


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