Aonuma says Zelda 2D for Nintendo Switch is “definitely possible”

“Yes, it’s definitely possible”, Eiji Aonuma replied in a recent interview about the possibility of launching on Nintendo Switch, a Legend of Zelda 2D style, similar to those created for the laptops. Although, yes, the creative wanted to make clear that there is still life ahead of 3DS before completely focusing on the hybrid console, to be released on March 3 in the domestic market.

“There are a lot of positive elements in the two-dimensional world. There are a lot of followers of this gaming style. From the 3DS team, I want to think about a more evolved 2D style approach”

He said in words picked up by the English-language portal Game Informer. The last releases of the franchise in this perspective were a Link Between Worlds and the title of cooperative court Tri Force Heroes.

About unification studies, and thus propitiate faster launches of the series, Anouma is reluctant.

He says,

“The pace of development does not depend on how many people are in a team, so the combination of both groups do not have to accelerate it. The 3DS and Wii U team have different approaches, it is better to let them work from their own perspective than to bring them together in one idea.”


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