Apple could be developing a chip dedicated to Artificial Intelligence for the iPhone

artificial intelligence apple chip for iPhone

According to information published by Bloomberg, Apple may be working on a chip dedicated to Artificial Intelligence that will be a part of the company’s future mobile devices.

Now we learn that, according to Mark Gurman, the apple company would be working on a processor dedicated exclusively to artificial intelligence tasks on their mobile devices. The chip, known internally as Apple’s Neural Engine, would improve the way the company’s devices handle tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence such as facial and voice recognition.

In Gurman’s words, while Siri gave Apple an early edge in the voice recognition field, Cupertino’s competitors have been more aggressive in deploying artificial intelligence in their products by introducing products such as Amazon Echo or Google to the market Home.

So if the rumor were true and Apple was developing this processor, then the company could integrate much more advanced capabilities in their devices, especially in stand-alone cars or gadgets that run augmented reality.

Gene Munster, a former Apple analyst and co-founder of the firm Loup Ventures said:

“Two of the areas where Apple is betting on its future require artificial intelligence … The core of augmented reality and autonomous cars is artificial intelligence”

The chip, which could be called the Apple Neural Engine, will be used to download certain tasks to the processor, tasks that require sophisticated algorithms for facial and speech recognition, as well as augmented reality tasks that use computer vision. This chip will help improve the autonomy of the device and could also improve the performance of Apple devices.

It is unclear if we will get to see this chip in devices that are announced this year or so Bloomberg says. However, Apple has already started testing iPhone prototypes with this chip so it wouldn’t be that far off. The final objective is to separate the most intense tasks from a computational point of view of the iPhone processor, just as Apple already uses a dedicated chip to control the movement of the device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has dropped some interviews that Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are two areas of great interest for Apple’s future. Both are important pieces of technologies such as self-employed cars, virtual assistants, etc.

For now we have no more details on this subject but we hope that the Cupertino company will share with us the first details of this rumor during the keynote of WWDC 2017, which is to take place on June 5.

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