Apple Extends $100 App Store Voucher Till March


Apple has extended the use $100 voucher till 30 March 2017. With this voucher you can test the advertising platform of the app store.

Advertising on the App Store, a way to promote applications was launched in the month of October with the launch of iOS 10. It was a new strategy by Apple to get more revenue, and something interesting to the developers who can promote their app directly in the search engine of the App Store to get more downloads.

What’s interesting are all the possibilities that developers have to place their ads, and this means that they can define the target perfectly so that the impressions of your ads are as effective as possible.

It seems that for more developers to try promoting their application, Apple launched a voucher of $100 to test the service, checks that expired in the month of December, but Apple has decided to extend it until the month of March.

Three months more to try and anyone who did not use it earlier can now test the advertising of the App Store for their applications. Ads are currently active only in the United States, but are expected to arrive soon to all the App Store that Apple has around the world.

One can promote via simple ads with the text and logo of the application, to more elaborate ads with images like those we can see in the highlights section of the App Store. Apple plans to provide vouchers is for testing as well as encouraging developers to try this service on the App Store. We will see when Apple decides to launch those new ads around the world.


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