Apple Hits Record Sales With iPhone 7

Thanks to the iPhone 7, Apple set a new sales record with more than 78 million units sold, but confirms the decline in sales of the iPad and above all, declare a fall in profits of $ 17.8 billion.

Graphic sales of iPhone and the commercial launch of the iPhone 7 were two of the most important events of Apple during the latter part of last year. The new model carried an extra responsibility since the iPhone 6s left the Californians in serious trouble.

The economic results published by the multinational company, those corresponding to the last economic quarter were not too conclusive to determine to what extent the new model would favor sales growth.

However, the sales figures provided by Apple leave no room for doubt. The Cupertino firm closes its first economic quarter of 2017 with optimistic data since the period between October and December of 2016 registered a total of 78.3 million iPhones sold.

Although the company does not usually disaggregate these data around the sales accumulated by each version of iPhone, it seems more than evident that both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus have responded better than expected by the firm itself and even that analysts since the growth is around 5%.

If the iPhone has responded better than expected at a crucial time for technology, the iPad again shows a downline in the market for tablets. While constant decline in this segment of the global market, the fall in Apple iPad sales is more than three million units. And while in the first quarter of 2016 Apple managed to distribute a total of 16.1 million iPads, currently that figure has been set at just 13 million units.

Now, Apple might be looking for ways to improve its iPad sales and also focus on the launch of the new iPhone 8 to be presented this year.


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