Apple is optimistic: requests for 70 million OLED screens for the iPhone 8


Once again, the supply chain of components for smartphone manufacturers, as well as the sources intruded in the sector are increasingly accurate information source. This time we have the possibility of knowing the number of screens for the iPhone 8 that Apple would have asked Samsung, which would rise to 70 million units. However, this data would also confirm somehow an open secret: the screen of the iPhone 8 will be OLED.

The success that Apple can achieve with its iPhone 8 is a subject of debate among the leading market analysis firms, which are already forecasting the sales volume of the new model. However, the general trend in the statistics released have a common denominator and that is that the Apple firm will have a significant boost of the sales of its smartphone. The most positive opinions say that the iPhone 8 will sell 20% more than the iPhone 7, while many agree that the sale of the new model will be 10% above its predecessor.


In one way or another, the sales forecasts for the iPhone 8 raise expectations based on the new features that will include this model. One of these innovations is practically confirmed after Asian Asia Nikkei has revealed that Apple has already made the first order of one of the most outstanding components of the future iPhone 8. It has revealed the media, Apple has asked Samsung Display to manufacture 70 million units of OLED displays. Information that can not go in any other direction than ordering screens for the assembly of your next smartphone.

Everything points to the unsurpassed success of the iPhone 8

Apple expects the iPhone 8 to be a great success and OLED screen is virtually confirmed one of the star features of the iPhone 8. With organic panel, which in turn will feature a Dual Edge design, it is less pronounced than seen in both the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Also, the source who has revealed data on the order of screens for the manufacture of the iPhone 8 points out that Samsung will be the only supplier of OLED panels. Also, it has been learned that, although the initial order will be 70 million screens, the South Korean manufacturer intends to increase production to be able to provide up to 95 million panels. All with the aim of anticipating a possible wave of orders that exceed Apple’s initial sales expectations and thus satisfy a possible additional demand for AMOLED displays.


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